"You deserve to be whole. You can begin from where you are now."

Cultivating intimacy with all of who we are grounds and centers us in the truth of our lives.

For Leaders & Organizations

We are living in a world where constant change and increasing complexity define our waking experience. As a leader you are tasked with guiding your organization to thrive in these churning waters. And that can mean making some radical changes, trying new approaches, and new leadership styles. You need uncommon resilience, centeredness, vision and wisdom. You have cultivated skill, mastered many tasks and roles, but in order to master the intransigent problems facing you, you need to challenge yourself at the deepest level. Freeing up the hidden resources buried under a lifetime of training and conditioning, isn’t child’s play. It requires courage, dedication, and a pioneering spirit. You are inspired by new ideas, you have a vision you want to realize, you are passionate about creating a life-affirming and exceptional organization, but you find yourself stuck in old patterns and reactions. You aren’t alone. And the answers aren’t out there somewhere–in the latest book or management fad. They are inside you.

A lot of people can tell you what to do. I help you discover how to do it. I support you to redefine your inner operating system, to access the innate capacities, the emergent skills within you that you need to lead and thrive in chaotic times. In places where there is no handbook, no track record, where what worked yesterday is neither guide nor guarantee for what will work tomorrow.

If you are ready for a shift in consciousness, ready to look at whatever holds you back from achieving your vision, let’s talk.

Psychotherapy & Counselling


Welcome to the you who has arrived here. The you who is yearning– for healing, for wholeness, for integration, for well-being, for a deeply awakened and full-blooded life. And welcome also to the you who is still emerging–all that is still in shadow–the disowned, the frightened, the unloved, the silenced. May this be a sanctuary where you can enter into intimacy with all of who you are.

You are probably wondering how I work and what I do–what it would be like to do this work together.

My work is grounded in the approach of the Masters Center for Transformation, where I am a member of the core faculty. And that approach is…

Integral ~  integrates the psychological, somatic, emotional, and spiritual

Intuitive ~ No preset methodology. Structure and direction spontaneously arise in co-creative accord with our real needs

Emotion-Focused ~ works deeply and thoroughly with all our emotions, going to the heart of each, recognizing that emotion connects body and mind, past and present, intention and action, containment and expression, biology and biography

Relational ~ illuminates and deepens the connections between ourselves and others, and also between the various aspects of us

Intimate ~ rooted in intimacy, not only intimacy with others, but also intimacy with all that constitutes us, so that the personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal are all  honoured and worked with

Courses & Intensives

My workshops, intensives and events are opportunities to experience deep shifts and breakthroughs in a short period of time.

Current Offerings:

Weekly Community Practice Calls

Join me for weekly community of practice calls for those who have taken at least one course with me and who want to continue to connect with others and deepen their learning and skills. Each hour-long call will be a unique blend of meditations, guided practice, topic exploration, breakouts, conversations, questions, some therapeutic work, and there will even be occasional guest hosts to introduce you to some of the other senior practitioners.

In-Person Intensives:

An opportunity for you to dive deeply into what matters most. I offer intensives at my home on Gabriola Island, BC, Canada. These multi-day sessions (usually 3 hours per day) allow us to use all modalities to their fullest to create profound shifts and openings.  If you are interested in booking a private intensive, please contact me to discuss my current schedule.

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