For Leaders & Organizations

We are living in a world where constant change and increasing complexity define our waking experience. As a leader you are tasked with guiding your organization to thrive in these churning waters. And that can mean making some radical changes, trying new approaches, and new leadership styles. You need uncommon resilience, centeredness, vision and wisdom. You have cultivated skill, mastered many tasks and roles, but in order to master the intransigent problems facing you, you need to challenge yourself at the deepest level. Freeing up the hidden resources buried under a lifetime of training and conditioning, isn’t child’s play. It requires courage, dedication, and a pioneering spirit. You are inspired by new ideas, you have a vision you want to realize, you are passionate about creating a life-affirming and exceptional organization, but you find yourself stuck in old patterns and reactions. You aren’t alone. And the answers aren’t out there somewhere–in the latest book or management fad. They are inside you.

A lot of people can tell you what to do. I help you discover how to do it. I support you to redefine your inner operating system, to access the innate capacities, the emergent skills within you that you need to lead and thrive in chaotic times. In places where there is no handbook, no track record, where what worked yesterday is neither guide nor guarantee for what will work tomorrow.

If you are ready for a shift in consciousness, ready to look at whatever holds you back from achieving your vision, let’s talk.

I am an internationally recognized facilitator, consultant, and trainer. I work with the principles and practices of Open Space Technology, Appreciative Inquiry, and am a trainer with and Co-Owner of the Genuine Contact Program. I offer leaders not only the tools to help them achieve their goals in creating life-affirming and exceptional organizations, but also the executive coaching required to make the shift to new and higher levels of achievement and performance.